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The inspiration for Wigwam


Yes to Life Wigwam service is an initiative of the registered charity Yes to Life. We are the UK’s integrative cancer care charity. For 14 years we have provided support to people with cancer through the confusing options for care. We offer straightforward evidence-based information, lifestyle choices, as well as financial support to help empower people to make their own choices about their cancer care. Find out more by heading to yestolife.org.uk.

Yes to Life Wigwam cancer support groups provide a space where people can come together and share what they are learning about lifestyle changes that support their health and well-being and to receive support and inspiration from others. People can talk openly about their successes, challenges and difficulties in a respectful, non-judgemental and confidential environment. Yes to Life Wigwam support groups are not therapy and not about pushing any agendas, solutions or products

The inspiration for Wigwam came from Yes to Life's former Executive Director, Sue De Cesare, who retired recently after eight stellar years heading up the charity.

“The idea came to me after listening to people calling the Yes to Life helpline. People with cancer so often feel lonely and need to speak to others in a similar situation. Their loneliness can be made worse when family and friends do not understand why they would choose to mix mainstream medicine with complementary therapies. People were so grateful for our helpline support, along with the events and workshops, I knew that creating a forum for sharing experiences and making friends would be an enormous help.”

Sue De Cesare

The Name of Wigwam: “The idea of the title was that a wigwam provides shelter that is flexible, with an informal style and not fixed in any one place. The way that the poles of a wigwam lean inwards to support to each other illustrates how a successful group can offer care and help to its members."


Richard Mayon-White, diagnosed with cancer in 2016

Why join
Yes to Life Wigwam?

By joining you will gain access to regular online forums, webinars and well-being groups on a whole range of topics on integrative health and well-being. All led by well-known practitioners. All the forums have half the time dedicated to question and answers so it is a wonderful opportunity to ask that burning question. Podcasts of the forums are available afterwards on the website.

Yes to Life 


Yes to Life Wigwam started out as several support groups meeting locally, taking it to the online platform we have today, was the initiative of Clare McLusky, a Yes to Life trustee. At the start of the C-19 pandemic, Clare saw the over-whelming need to facilitate the growth and accessibility of Yes to Life Wigwam cancer support groups by bringing them online and also to explore what other support could be offered. It is her passion and focus that has been the driving force in creating the health resource that Wigwam has become. It was on 10th May 2020 that Wigwam officially launched; a day considered highly auspicious for Grand Openings by Chinese astrology.

“It is just great to be providing a place for people to connect and share their stories and be inspired and supported not just by the talks on our forums or the well-being groups but also by each other. It is thanks to Miquel Leon, our wonderful Executive Director and our wonderful Wigwam group facilitators that this all came into being. I am grateful too, to all the amazing practitioners who give their time and knowledge to this endeavour.” 


Clare McLusky

the Yes to Life Wigwam


We were lucky to then have one of the Yes to Life Wigwam Group Facilitators, Philip Booth, come on board in July 2020 to help coordinate and grow Wigwam. Philip is a skilled community builder and his enthusiasm and commitment match Clare’s. Then in July 2021 we have been delighted to be joined by Julie Mason. Julie has a background in business and design and had a terminal cancer prognosis but is now now No Evidence of Disease.

“It’s been a privilege to be part of developing Wigwam. I know that following conventional, lifestyle and complementary approaches to cancer is not always easy. The support of others has been a crucial part of my own cancer journey and the feedback from others is that support in the Wigwam groups has been a crucial part of their own understanding and healing. If anyone is interested in joining do get in touch and we can share more about the groups."


Philip Booth

NB The Wigwam image on the home page is by EFT practitioner and Wigwam supporter Fiona Smith. You can see her in our 'Podcasts and Videos' section.

Wigwam is made possible by generosity.

Our principle is that everybody should have equal access to reliable information and support.  As such, all of our forums, webinars, weekly groups and support groups are run entirely on a donation basis.

We don't have any set charges and simply ask you to give what you can. The volunteers that run our activities give their time, energy and knowledge freely so that as many people as possible can benefit.