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Looking for a supportive community of people around you?

Would you love to talk with others facing similar health challenges, to explore and share information about lifestyle and cancer care choices within a supportive group?


Does one of the statements below sound like you?

Newly diagnosed?

Are you newly diagnosed and desperately searching for information in order to gain a sense of control over what is happening?  Would you value talking to others who are or have been in a similar position to you? Are you seeking support and help finding local resources or therapists?

Have you already started to make lifestyle changes?

Have you already undertaken some research and made life-style changes to support your treatment but would value sharing and learning from others?

Are you feeling confident?

Are you feeling confident in the choices you have made to improve your health and well-being whilst receiving or following treatment?  Would you enjoy helping others who are keen to explore new routes to health and may need support?

"I’d lived life hard and fast, it took a cancer diagnosis to make me see how much fuller my life could be. I was invited to a Wigwam group. The thought of a cancer group did not appeal at all; not one to welcome help (I’ve been called fiercely independent), let alone join a group. I’m no joiner! 


"Well I did attend and thank goodness. Cheerful, honest exchanges of experience, information and solution exploration with people who have also had the life shock a cancer diagnosis affords. The Wigwam group and online access has enhanced my exploration of meeting my own potential and turned a fear driven investigation into one of eager exploration, community and friendship. 


"I urge anyone with an interest in optimising their outcomes, even self reliant, frosty 50 somethings like myself, to include a Wigwam group in their investigation. Who knew there was a Cancer Festival! Who Knew it would be Fun! Who knew I’d attend! Thanks to Wigwam, I do!” E.F.

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