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Hertford Wigwam run by Jill Goehringer

Monthly on Saturday 2.30-4.30pm with occasional evenings.

Jill Goehringer

Running since September 2019, our lovely Hertford group , The Amber Club, holds informal gatherings once a month where we support one another and share information in a friendly and safe space.  We currently have seven members who meet up on Saturday afternoons in a local vegan cafe or sometimes one evening in my home. As the facilitator,  I usually prepare a loose agenda looking at treatments, nutrition, exercise, supplements, mental health etc.  Everybody contributes in their own way when they want to but there is no pressure to do so.  Most important is that we are there for each other and have a laugh! Our WhatsApp group keeps us connected and we’ve developed real friendships as we move forward together. 


 Jill was diagnosed in 2016 with HER2+ breast cancer.  It was through having conventional treatments (surgery, chemo, radio) that she discovered integrative care and Yes To Life. “It just made sense to me.  Being kinder to your body and mind while making lifestyle changes helped me heal.”  Jill is very passionate about nutrition and plant-based diets and regularly does yoga and meditation. Working as a school coordinator on a care farm, Jill loves the outdoor life and supporting special needs teens. 

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