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More Support for you


Other than Wigwam, Yes to Life have a range of services and information that maybe useful. Some of these are noted below along with a few other useful links. Of course key support in any healing path will be your own medical team.


Support comes in many shapes and sizes, but there is no question that it is a critical part of our healing journey. You can see our blog looking at support here.

On the Phone

Our Helpline
Our helpline is supported by highly trained volunteers all who have personal experience of cancer or another chronic condition or have supported a close relative or friend. Our volunteers often provide a lifeline to those whose voices have not been heard, or who are otherwise isolated.
When you call our Helpline you will be asked to leave your name, a contact
number and a convenient time for a call-back. See more about our Helpline in a blog here. We aim to return all calls within 72 hours. Call the Helpline on 0870 163 2990 or email:

Memorial Candle


In addition to the regular Wigwam Forums, videos of the Forums and blogs, Yes to Life have events and conferences including annually partnering with Your Life and Cancer that last year saw over 700 people attend two weekends of expert speakers. Blog coming very soon recommending best books to read.

Men on Beach

Help with Personal fundraising

Through Yes to Life you can set up a Personal Fundraising Scheme (PFS).
All money donated to a PFS goes to the person and choice of treatment it is
intended for. 

Memorial Poppies

Life Directory

Our fully searchable directory of Therapies and Providers relating to
integrative approaches to cancer:

External Support

Get a letter to brighten your day

The charity From Me to You have a Happy Box filled with letters of love, kindness and smiles donated by writers from around the world. They are all hoping to brighten your day and you can dip in free to take a letter whenever you need a boost. From Me to You have kindly let Yes to Life add this link to our website for those of you intrigued or interested in finding out more.

‘When I read the letter, just for a moment, I felt normal.’ (Lynne)

You can also read a Wigwam blog by Alison Hitchcock From Me to You about their work here.

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