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An integrative approach to cancer through the eyes of a functional medicine practitioner.

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

10th June 16,00 - 17,00

Online Forum

Jo aims to dig deep to identify the underlying causes of her clients' disease in order to reboot and rebuild the body for quality of life and wellness

Jo Gamble

Jo was the first functional medicine practitioner in the UK to graduate from the Institute of Functional Medicine. She then completed her Fellowship in Integrative Cancer to further develop her understanding of the importance of leaving no stone unturned, so she could support her clients to dig deep to identify the underlying causes of their disease in order to reboot and rebuild the body for quality of life and wellness. Her work is 100% personalised to each of her clients. She uses science-based evidence, her functional medicine expertise and experience, and the client’s laboratory results to guide their journey back to optimal health.

What to expect

Jo will give an introduction to Integrative Medicine for cancer and this will be followed by an extended Q&A session to give participants every opportunity to have their questions answered. The whole event will be one hour long.

Joining the Forum

Once you have booked, you will get instructions on joining the Forum as well as how to participate anonymously, should you wish to. You will also receive email reminders as we approach the event.

How the Forum will work

This event will operate in the following way:

  • Anyone can join the Forum on Zoom once they are registered

  • All participants can be anonymous

  • Full details of how to do this will be emailed to you

Questions can be

Robin Daly will introduce Jo and organise the questions.

The Forum will be recorded and hosted on the new WIGWAM website afterwards for members to view*.

Attendance details will be emailed to those who are registered prior to the event.

book now here:

* Registration for this event will include free membership of WIGWAM (this will be confirmed by email)

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