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Can you help? Volunteers needed!

It is a really exciting time for Wigwam as it grows and develops and there are lots of fun things to be involved in if you can spare a little time or even more would be great!!

1. Editor for online forum

Want to use your digital skills?

· The forum is 1 hour long online and happens every other week. It is recorded through Zoom

· The role involves editing the audio recordings with any PowerPoint presentation included.

· These are then uploaded as podcasts to the Wigwam Website under Resources

· See

2. Help facilitating forums

A good opportunity to benefit from every forum!

· The forum happens every other week and is one hour long with participants joining 15 minutes before the start

· The role involves helping the hosts manage the waiting room, welcoming people as they arrive in the meeting through the chat function, help organising the questions if necessary.

3. Social media support

Love social media?

· Assisting Philip with social media

· Posting regularly on social media about the forums and any news

4. Wigwam Group Facilitator

Want to help others and grow?

· You can become a Wigwammer in your local area or online. This is a valuable role responsible for bringing people together, encouraging them to share, listen and learn. Every group will be unique depending on the needs of the individuals involved. Support groups can be a life raft to people living with cancer, offering them a routine and a sense of community with like-minded people.

· Please see for more details

· Groups tend to meet once a month for 90 minutes

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