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On Wednesday 30th September 4-5pm we are delighted and fortunate to have at our next Forum, Victoria Fenton; a naturopath, nutrition expert and functional medicine practitioner whose journey in healthcare began with her own health crisis when she was 17. Victoria has patients on five continents and much experience of working with cancer.

In this Forum she will explore a topic that perhaps doesn’t get enough attention; the role of spiritual health in physical health - and how the things that make us happy as humans also support our bodies to thrive. Victoria will discuss how what we are connected to - from our environment to our work, from people to purpose - can directly alter health outcomes, including improving immune function, supporting detoxification and regulating digestion, energy and overall resilience.

Philip Booth, a Wigwam coordinator commented: “I’ve seen a number of Victoria’s YouTubes and really like what she has to say about health. Indeed for me this is one of the most importantForums looking at how our wellbeing is affected by purpose, connection and more".

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Many of you reading this will have seen our full programme of fortnightly Forums and monthly Webinars with expert speakers (see below). We have a wide range of topics including what you need to know beforechemo and radiotherapy treatment, sugar, fatigue, dance and looking in more detail at integrative approaches. All the events are on Zoom and there is plenty of time for questions. They are all bookable free via our website on our Forums and Webinar page.

The whole programme of fortnightly Wednesday Forums and monthly Thursday Webinars are put on by Wigwam; a self-directed community of people with cancer, carers and relatives coming together in groups for mutual support and to learn about integrative medicine and ways to improve health and well-being through lifestyle and complementary medicine. You can see more on our website about how to join our Wigwam Cancer Support Groups or our regular group sessions like mindfulness. Register here:

Biggest event ever

And of course I can’t not plug one more time our biggest event coming up will be the incredible “Your Life and Cancer” weekends, 26-28th Sept and 10-12th October. See more at:

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