Free workshop on letter writing

Join us for a free workshop to look at letter writing and how we can support people living with cancer

Book free at: We all love receiving a handwritten letter through the post and the feeling you get; that rush of excitement, the anticipation of ‘what’s inside?!’ Letters have the power to give us a boost, possibly releasing a host of healing hormones into our bloodstreams and making us feel better emotionally but also enhancing our immune system. There are so many good reasons for letter writing.

Wigwam Cancer Support Groups are delighted to join, for this session, with Alison Hitchcock, one of the founders of the innovative charity, From Me to You, who are all about letter writing and cancer. In this workshop we will look at what makes a great letter, who to write to and the support letter-writing offers. We will also hear about From Me to You and their Donate A Letter scheme that invites us all to write anonymous letters which the charity then delivers to hospitals and to people at home.

So whether you are someone living with or beyond cancer, are a carer of someone with cancer, a professional or just someone interested, do join us!

Book free at:

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