Join us free this Wednesday for 'The Incredible Lightness of Humming'

With Ereni Mendrinos, Sound and Voice Therapy

4-5pm Wednesday 16th September 2020

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Now this sounds totally intriguing….humming….and vocal toning through chakras for self reflection and balance. Our next Forum this Wednesday is with Ereni Mendrinos. She writes: “I invite you to imagine that you’re eating a bite of your favourite food... It tastes so good that you can’t help but let out an Mmmmm of appreciation…

“Many of us are lead to believe that we ”can’t sing“ and this belief may prevent us from trying out therapeutic voice work. If this is the case with you, I invite you to participate in this interactive talk with the knowledge that you already have all you need. In this session, after a brief introduction on the benefits of holistic voice work, we will start with some simple breath work followed by the gentle practice of humming :) After having the opportunity to experience how humming can calm and relax us we will then transition to gently explore specific sounds linked to three chakras (or energy centres) in our bodies.

“This simple vocal toning technique can help facilitate full body listening and self reflection. It can be a helpful practice to facilitate self awareness and therefore inner harmony. It can calm or energise us depending on what we need in the moment. I have found this practice so helpful during challenging times and I would love to share it with you so that you can add it to your self-care tool kit!”

Whether you have a lot of vocal experience or no experience whatsoever I invite you to join us in exploring this work, participating as much or as little as you choose to and making your own discoveries. As with all Wigwam Forum talks, there will be time for questions at the end of this session.

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