Next free Forum: a look at sugar and cancer with nutritionist and author Kirsten Chick

Sugar, Cancer and a Healthy Approach to Food with Nutritionist and Author Kirsten Chick

4-5pm Wednesday 28th October 2020 on Zoom

KirstenChick will talk about sugar's role in cancer, and what that actually means for your diet. Should you be giving up allcarbohydrates? What about when your body converts proteins or fats to sugars? Kirsten will also be looking at insulin andinflammation, and how you can confidently enjoy a nourishing diet.

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Philip Booth, a Coordinator of Wigwam Cancer Support Groups commented: “Questions around this come up time and time again inour Support Groups. Too often, when feeling a bit down, like many, I’ve looked for sugar and cake in particular to pick me up - yet know that when this becomes often it is not great for any of us, let along someone living with cancer. I’ve so welcomed Kirsten’s approach. Her book, just out, is now one of my favourites for explaining and understanding nutrition in the broadest sense. This Forum will be a great chance to hear more about sugar and what we can do - but also there will be plenty of time to ask questions".

More about Kirsten

Kirsten Chick is a nutritional therapist, lecture and author of "Nutrition Brought to Life” and was recently one of the key speakers at the‘Your Life and Cancer event. She has been practising since 2003, and has provided nutritional support for hundreds of people livingwith cancer since then. Her own interest in nutrition developed after a cancer diagnosis in the late 1990s, when she realised how important self-care would be to living a healthy, fulfilling life.

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