Our next Forum is 'Restoring Health Not Fighting Disease' with Dr Xandria Williams

Restoring Homoeostasis is a much more powerful concept than you might think. Fortunately it is also muchsimpler than you might think, a lot less risky, and a lot more effective. Dr Xandria Williams will share how to doit and how she applies these concepts in her own practice.

22 Feb, 16:00 – 17:00 GMT Wigwam Online Forum with Zoom

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This event is the first in our new programme of Forums that will include Jane McLelland, Fiona Shakeela Burns, Leyla Mouddan and Patricia Peat. The Forums are for an hour which includes a presentation and a good chunk of time forquestions.

More about Xandria

Dr Xandria Williams is a Chemistry graduate from Imperial, London and an Australian trained Naturopath, Nutritionistand Psychotherapist. She runs CanSurvive Resource Centre, a London based Naturopathic and Nutritional practice,lectures in biochemistry and nutrition and runs post-graduate cancer support courses. She is the author of over 400 articles and 20 books, is a member of a number of medical, chemical and naturopathic associations and a life member of the British Society of Integrative Oncology.

For over twenty years her focus has been on cancer, studying, lecturing writing and supporting people concernedabout and interested, in the metabolic and biochemical approach to cancer. Her three most recent books are: ‘Vital Signs for Cancer’, ‘Cancer Concerns’, and ‘Detecting Cancer’. Since the start of the current pandemic she has offered free, daily Zoom talks and discussions on the metabolic approach to cancer and related topics. For more information go to and you can also ask to go on our mailing list.

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