Our next Forum; Victoria Fenton, functional medicine practitioner

Wednesday 30th September 4-5pm

We are delighted to have Victoria Fenton, a naturopath, nutrition expert and functional medicine practitioner. She has worked in the world of Integrative Oncology and half the time will be available to ask her questions.

Her talk, 'How Human Connection Supports Cancer Care’ will cover the role of spiritual health in physical health - and how the things that make us happy as humans also support our bodies to thrive. Victoria will discuss how what we are connected to - from our environment to our work, from people to purpose - can directly alter health outcomes, including improving immune function, supporting detoxification and regulating digestion, energy and overall resilience. 

Victoria’s talk will also take account of how to create connection even if there's physical distance - going far beyond suggestions to "FaceTime the Family” and looking at how to implement the physiology of connection even when you're alone.

Philip Booth, Wigwam Coordinator commented: “This last weekend we’ve had the amazing ‘Your Life and Cancer’ weekend and it was interesting to hear that Tara Flanagan, Director of Content for The Radical Remission Project and survivor of a stage 4 cancer diagnosis, was saying how social support was possibly the most important of all the ten healing factors in Kelly Turners book, 'Radical Remissions’. However it doesn’t seem to get the attention it deserves!

"We are therefore excited to have Victoria with all her expertise to look more at connection and what we can do to help. Anyone familiar with Victoria’s work will know how thorough, knowledgeable and inspiring she can be on a whole range of topics; this will no doubt, be no exception!" 

Book your place now: More about Victoria Victoria’s own health crisis occurred at age 17, but she only received accurate diagnoses after 8 years of misdiagnosis and misunderstandings from conventional medical professionals.  Even with these ‘answers’, Victoria realised that the conventional medicine approach did not hold solutions to her symptoms. This led Victoria to become passionate about a systems approach to biology; understanding the true interconnectedness of physiological systems and the way illness can occur (and be resolved) if you approach health with this mindset. Over time Victoria was able to resolve her health issues and her work in this industry began. Victoria has become known for working with the most complex and chronic of conditions – and this is what brought her into the world of Integrative Oncology. Working with cancer from the systems biology perspective allows Victoria to empower her patients with understanding, and she supports them with a wide variety of natural support protocols, wherever they are in their cancer journey. Victoria operates a truly global practice, with patients in 5 different continents. She works via Telemedicine and has a bespoke online portal for patients to keep track of their care plans.

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