Still a chance to join our online Wigwam Cancer Support Group

Wednesday 1st July 4.00 - 5.30 pm Do you know someone, or are you interested, in this opportunity? A chance to come together with other people living with cancer - an opportunity to explore and share information about lifestyle and cancer care choices.

Our new Wigwam Group will be taking place on Zoom. The group is initially being facilitated by two people who have experienced the stress and life changing impact of a cancer diagnosis and treatment. Clare and Philip are coordinators of Wigwam and Philip is also the co-facilitator of Wigwam Stroud. We already have seven people signed up; there is room for a few more. So do get in touch; for many of us who are part of Wigwam Support Groups they have been key to our healing journey. Here's a quote from one of the members:

"I first heard about Wigwam at my local Maggie's centre in Cheltenham. It was such a relief to find an open and supportive group, totally on the same wavelength when it comes to the challenges faced by those of us looking for a more proactive and personalised approach to healing ourselves"

You can hear more about Wigwam on this Yes to Life Radio Show;

To join please complete the Get Involved Form ticking the Join an Online Group box. We are also happy to talk with you if you have questions before joining:

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