What we need to know before chemotherapy and radiotherapy

With Dr Peter H. Kay, PhD Research Scientist and Science Educator

Free Wigwam Forum on Zoom: 14 Oct, 16:00 – 17:00 BST

There are now many different approaches to the treatment of cancer, each with differing advantages and disadvantages. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy are two common front line treatments that Peter will look at in our next free Forum.

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Peter Kay has done considerable research and and along with his PhD candidates has published 93 papers in world-class scientific journals. He will share some of the science, for example that studies into chemotherapy have shown that about 25% of patients die or have a shortened life because of this treatment. This talk focuses on factors that should be considered to ensure that these treatments are as safe and effective as possible for each patient.

Philip Booth, Wigwam Coordinator comments: “I, along with many others living with cancer, have not been aware of some of this info that would help me understand more about the development and progression of cancer and the pros and cons of treatments. I’ve already heard something of what Peter has to say and I am very looking forward to learning more - particularly about the questions I need to ask before treatment starts."

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