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For all those affected by Cancer: those with a diagnosis, carers and volunteers.

What is Sound and Voice Therapy?


Frequency plus Intention = Healing 

Johnathan Goldman’s Healing Sounds* 


“The knower of the mystery of sound knows the mystery of the whole universe”

Hazrat Inayat Khan* 


“The voice... has a quality that no other instrument has… when one compares the voice with the instrument, there is no real comparison because the voice is life itself”

Hazrat Inayat Khan*


"A true Genius! No one else I've ever seen can get participants to overcome their inhibitions quite like Ereni does.

One short day with Ereni = dazzling results!!!!”

Catherine Hutley, School Principal


"Dear Ereni, just to say a huge THANK YOU for your amazing Voice Workshop! I expected it to be amazing and it was so much more! I’ve never before experienced the power of Voice when it comes to chakra cleansing. Although I believe I have a terrible voice it didn't feel awkward at all and to feel the vibrations that I create through sound and to feel it travelling through my entire body, opening my chakras was fantastic." 

Diana Bereczki,. Founder of ReikiMove

"Thank you Ereni for a lovely session."


"Thank you so much for this workshop... It was amazing, very restful, I didn’t want to move... I slept like a baby..."

”It was outside of my comfort zone to chant and hum in a group, however, I soon relaxed into it and I enjoyed the session“

There are many different styles of Sound and Voice therapy and, as you can imagine, if you google this question you will get a variety of answers. This particular methodology of Sound and Voice therapy is that offered by The British Academy of Sound Therapy, (BAST) where I trained and qualified.

I think it aligns well with the Yes to Life ethos because this approach is person centered, with the premise that we all know ourselves better than anyone else can and so we can feel empowered on our own life/healing journey.

The “therapy” component is not only the benefit of us meeting together to engage in an activity but also about each one of us engaging individually with different exercises. This very engagement provides a springboard for ones’ own greater awareness and therefore ongoing understanding of oneself physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. It is about empowering ourselves for greater self-awareness and providing tools for facilitating our own self-balance.


Receiving Sound and Voice Work.

In some sessions I will be offering you what we call “passive” sessions in the form of Sound and Voice auditory “baths” for your own relaxation and at times self-reflection. I will be using a combination of Himalayan bowls, crystal bowls, bells, percussion and a gong. Each instrument has a different sound signature and together they will create the sound tapestry to facilitate your therapeutic relaxation.


In the case of Voice baths I will be using my own voice as an instrument using vocal toning, tibetan overtone chanting and ending our sessions in grounding percussion. 

Participating in Voice Work together.

In other sessions there will be “active” work where we will be focusing on the Voice as a therapeutic instrument and everyone will be encouraged to participate as much as possible. We will be using the Voice not only because it is such a powerful tool that we can use nearly anywhere, at any time, but also for practical reasons, as since we are meeting online we cannot share the instruments that I will be using for your passive sound work sessions.


Help! I can’t Sing!

Wait! Before you stop reading this, thinking “Are you talking about singing? I can’t sing“

Please bear with me for a moment :)


I invite you to imagine that you’re eating a bite of your favourite food... It tastes so good that you can’t help but let out an Mmmmm of appreciation…Can you extend that sound now and experience the inner vibration in your body? This is already voice therapy... the incredible power of humming :)


Many of us are lead to believe that we “can’t sing” and this belief may prevent us from trying out therapeutic voice work. If this is the case with you, I invite you to participate in one of our sessions with the knowledge that you already have all you need.


Previous participants have told me that they find these sessions great fun, lighthearted and joyful :)

Gentle movement - Breathwork - Voice work

In a lot of our sessions, our holistic voice work starts with some gentle physical movements, then simple breathwork, followed by the gentle practice of humming :) 


We will have an experience of how humming can calm and relax us. Then we will gently explore specific sounds linked to different chakras (or energy centres) in our bodies.


In her book "Sounding the Mind of God" Lyz Cooper writes: “Your voice is your own personal instrument and your vocal fingerprint. Your voice can help you and expand your energy, achieve a deep level of relaxation and give you a boost when you are low in energy. Research in the USA has shown that 20 minutes of voice work increases the amount of immunoglobulin A in the saliva. So apart from any other benefits that voice work can give you, 20 minutes of voice work boosts the immune system


Even if some of us feel that our voices are compromised for some reason, perhaps because of a current treatment that we are in the midst of, we can “inwardly sound”, or simply listen and still benefit. This is about each participant taking their own path on this journey and reaping the benefits that they need in whatever capacity they can.

The Benefits of Voice therapy

In our “active” work it is beneficial to participate in the exercises and activities to reap the benefits.

However, joining the group and being present has a positive effect too, if that is what you need to do on certain occasions.


While not specifically about Voice therapy, here is some information about the benefits of singing in a choir, some of which can be applied to group Voice work.


As well as the gentle breath work, humming, toning and toning through chakras there will be some gentle physical warm ups, health allowing, to prepare us for voicing and as part of the BAST chakra balancing work. In the immersive weekends we will also add some creative group work including 'Heart Song', ‘Naming', 'Tone poems' and ‘Voicescapes'. We may try this on a drop-in session too if we get a regular group and we can build up to it. On both passive and active workshops, I will sometimes also be offering distance Reiki.


In terms of your commitment to these sessions you can go as far as you want with this journey. You can choose to attend the drop-in sessions only or a weekend immersive as well as the drop-ins for an additional in-depth experience or you can attend a weekend immersive as a stand alone experience, of course. Mix and match to suit your needs.

Be gentle with yourself, it’s a journey

Everyone will have their own experience. Be gentle and kind to yourself. If you want, you can keep a journal as this is a journey for you. All the exercises in these sessions invite you to be your own inner explorer.

About the teacher 
Ereni Mendrinos


Ereni Mendrinos is a group facilitator with over 20 years of experience in working with adults, young adults and children, facilitating creative workshops, study skills seminars and public speaking workshops. She retrained to be a group Sound and Voice therapist in 2016 with The British Academy of Sound Therapy, in a bid to help her combat long-standing stress and anxiety, address the possible source of some long-term health issues and to support her work/life balance. She qualified with distinctions in both Sound and Voice Therapy in January of 2017. She has also since qualified as a Level 2 Reiki practitioner in June 2021.


Over the years Ereni has had the opportunity to study with voice-work luminaries such as Angela Caine, Jill Purce, Nikki Slade and Chloe Goodchild before embarking on her professional training. Her facilitation style draws on her background in theatre and performing arts, comedy, improvisation and as a singer-songwriter. 


Having lived in London for most of her life she now also lives in Crete with her New Zealander husband, one fluffy English cat and one skinny ginger Cretan Tom-cat.


“I so look forward to seeing you soon on an online drop-in session or immersive weekend - I will also be posting a series of pre-recorded sessions for you to try out. I am really looking forward to going on this journey of discovery with you and I can’t wait to see you there :)


Ereni trained and qualified at the British Academy of Sound therapy, is fully insured and is a member of the Sound Healers Association.

See Ereni's blog 'Earthquakes, Barry Manilow and Sonic Rainbows' introducing herself here.

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